Heather has published two newsletter articles through the Tentacle which is the Newsletter of the IUCN/SSC Mollusc Specialist Group (with the 2021 issue forthcoming). She has also published a conference presentation through the Malacological Society of London’s The Malacologist. Heather is currently preparing a manuscript on the biogeographical patterns of Jamaican land snails. The majority of Heather’s written work has been academic in nature and about Jamaica’s endemic terrestrial mollusks. Heather strives to use her platform to educate and spread awareness about conservation issues of understudied fauna and topics.

  • Kostick, H. L. and Koenig, S. 2021. Immediate conservation concerns for terrestrial jamaican mollusks – why SML-173 will be a problem for Cockpit Country. Tentacle 2021 – accepted for publication for 2021 issue.
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  • Kostick, H. L. 2019. Interesting finds in Jamaica – report from the field 2018. Tentacle Feb. 2019 (27): 26-27. Link: