About Heather Kostick

Heather has a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Conservation from Juniata College and a Master of Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently a Teaching Assistant and Ph.D. Candidate in Environmental Science at Drexel University. Heather’s current research focus is on biodiversity in urban green spaces. She has additional research projects on the biogeography of Jamaican land snails; and the biodiversity of a multi-habitat nature preserve in Chester County, PA. Heather can be contacted at HLK35@drexel.edu. Find Heather on Instagram where she shares research, personal, and other updates and information.


Research Interests: conservation, ecology, biodiversity, terrestrial mollusks, birds, resource management, science communication 


Mentions/In The News:

Grid Magazine July 2021 Issue (pg 10-11)

Penn Bioblitzes (1)

Penn Student Spotlight

Willistown Conservation Trust (1)

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