Cemetery Biodiversity: Trees

Interested in more information about the trees you can find at Laurel Hill, Mount Moriah, or The Woodlands? Scroll down for more information! Trees are an important part to any urban environment and serve a lot of ecosystem services. Trees help filter pollution, provide habitat for wildlife, secure soil, cool down areas prone to urban heat effects, and provide aesthetic value to spaces.

Laurel Hill

Laurel Hill (Ridge Ave) combined with West Laurel Hill is home to 2400 trees in North Philly and Montgomery County, and is a Level 2 Arboretum as certified by ArbNet.

Mount Moriah

In 2016, Mount Moriah volunteers surveyed 84 trees for the Level 1 Arboretum certification by ArbNet, and identified a unique combination of native and non-native trees. Heather, her team, and Mount Moriah volunteers are currently working on inventorying all of the trees at Mt. Moriah. You can see the progress on the following map. Know your trees and interested in helping the inventory? Send Heather an email at hlk35@drexel.edu!

The Woodlands

The Woodlands have over 1000 trees on their 54 acres and you can explore the trees that call this cemetery home on their map.