Blog Posts

Blog posts on A Blog On The World Around Us were originally created for the purpose of completing assignments for Heather’s course work for her master’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Peppered between these assignment-driven posts are other thoughts and musings on Heather’s master’s thesis work, environmental and conservation issues, and interesting wildlife biology. The blog on this site has not been updated since 2017 due to a heavy workload from Heather’s doctoral research. Heather is working on creating new content for this blog in order to bring it up to date, and to talk about current environmental issues and research.

The list below will take you to websites where Heather has published blog posts. Some posts on other platforms are currently in review and will be published soon.

  • A Blog On The World Around Us
  • Mining Causing Conservation & Environmental Health Concerns in Jamaica (coming soon!)
  • Biodiversity of Urban Green Spaces and What They Tell Us About Biodiversity in Cities (coming soon!)