Upcoming Projects

Heather is currently working on two projects that she will be posting about through this site. The first is a long overdue printable identification guide to species that can be found at Rushton Woods Preserve in Willistown, PA. Rushton Woods Preserve is managed by the Willistown Conservation Trust (WCT) and it is the field site location for Heather’s master’s thesis research. There were over 500 species documented at Rushton Woods Preserve during the bioblitzes that Heather organized from 2015 to 2017. Heather has been concentrating on creating insect and plant guides, and expects them to be finished by Summer 2021. The second major project that Heather is working on is related to her new doctoral research project. She had to pivot research projects due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, and has redirected her research to focus on local biodiversity in urban green spaces. Heather will be collaborating with a variety of local stakeholders and she can’t wait to share these project updates with you! She expects to share more concrete stories and updates by May 2021.